A Call to Safety: UASC Brings Safety Culture to Massachusetts Maritime Academy

As any maritime professional knows, no two things are more important on the water than experience and safety, and at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, instructors aim to ensure that incoming cadets gain one with the other.

Recently Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) contracted instructors from United Alliance Services Corporation to instruct a course required for all incoming cadets on the basic of workplace safety as it pertains to marine and other work environments. The semester-long course is being conducted with support from MMA’s Engineering Department, and will introduce students to the importance of safety, while providing them with the skills they will need to identify and mitigate safety hazards and risks. By using a variety of classroom, as well as hands-on training, instructors from both United Alliance Services Corporation and MMA hope to provide students with practical experience that they can take outside of the classroom and carry with through their professional careers.

While course topics include everything from an introduction to OSHA and general labor policies, to hazard communication and bloodborne pathogen training, MMA states that the goal of the training is not to make students experts on workplace safety regulation, but to “provide students with the ability to identify hazards and develop a culture of recognizing and avoiding danger.”

For more information on workplace safety consulting and training, please contact United Alliance Services Corporation at safetysolutions@unitedallianceservices.com, or at (877) 399-1698.