ASSE Professional Development Conference in Nashua, NH

Last Month on November 27, 2012, we exhibited at the ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) regional conference in Nashua, NH. This is always one of our favorite occupational health and safety trade shows. It’s that one time of the year when we get an opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues throughout New England and to forge new relationships.

At our exhibit we featured several new products like our discounted online courses and discounted annual safety management and training programs and we also had some great conversation with other vendors such as; The Scott Lawson Group, Ltd, H.S.E Partnering Solutions, Click Safety, EnviroSense, Sales Solutions Inc., Canberra and Industrial Hearing Testing on project collaboration and partnering opportunities.

Throughout the day our sales and marketing team while hosting our display booth, had the opportunity to meeting hundreds of safety professionals in many different industries with lots of questions on our services and products.

That first question of “What does United Alliance Services Corporation do?” is the toughest since we actually “do” a lot of interesting things to help employees and employers stay in compliance with occupational health and safety standards.  Many of these professionals are trying to figure out how our company and our services can help them meet their corporate requirements.  As we start to describe our programs, the conversation typically goes like this….

Safety Pro: “So you’re a professional training firm?”

United Alliance: “Well, yes, but we do a lot more.  We design programs that meet your corporate objectives, not just simply the minimum OSHA standards”

Safety Pro: “Do you also have professional consultants that can assist us on developing corporate programs?”

United Alliance: “Yes, our professional staff reaches across multiple industries and has an average of 18 years experience in developing corporate compliance programs”

Safety Pro: “So you’re a compliance firm?”

United Alliance: “We are compliance experts, however; we are not a government agency. As a private company our clients hire us to work directly with them on meeting compliance.”

Safety Pro: “Do you have an all-in-one compliance package for various size companies and organizations?”

United Alliance:  “Yes! Since 2003 we’ve delivered affordable safety management solutions for companies of all sizes. These solutions include; program development, training, auditing, accident investigation and EH&S compliance and contractual support”

Safety Pro: “Do you have online training programs?”

United Alliance:  “Yes! over 30 highly effective online training programs”

Safety Pro: “Great!  Do you sell safety products?”

United Alliance: “In 2013 we will be launching our online store which will be selling wholesale safety products to our clients and the public”

We are confident that even if you didn’t have an opportunity to meet our staff at the ASSE PDC in Nashua, NH when we meet you will see how effectively we “Provide professional solutions for workplace safety”.  You can find out more about our services at or by calling us at 877-399-1698.