Boston’s Premier Safety Provider offers Clients On-line OSHA and Workplace Safety Training

Employers who have trained their workers with our on-line OSHA workplace safety training program have seen major reductions in recordable and lost-time injuries. Our online safety courses are affordably priced from $16.95 for Bloodborne Pathogens training to $295.00 for a 40-Hour HazWoper Course. All of our online courses are intended to provide instruction on a variety of general industry and construction safety and health standards.  “Many of our clients do not realize that the OSH Act (THE LAW!), under 29CFR1910 and 29CFR1926 standards, requires occupational safety and health for training workers.  Those workers must be made aware of specific hazards of their job and how to prevent accidents and injuries. We are also trying to find solutions for our clients to meet these OSHA requirements and online training is a solution that is in high demand for employers in the greater Boston area” Valerie Wakefield, President   United Alliance’s On-line Course topics include: Introduction to OSHA, HazWoper, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Ladder Safety, Excavation Safety, Scaffold Safety, Materials Handling, Crane Safety, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Confined Space for Supervisors. We are also one of the only on-line providers offering an OSHA competent person series of courses.Take a look at the complete list of online OSHA and workplace safety courses by clicking hereSome of the learning outcomes of various online courses include:Employees can now explain the importance of OSHA in providing a safe and healthy workplace to workers covered by OSHA.Employees can now identify struck-by and caught-in or caught-between hazards associated with serious construction-related injuries.Employees will learn how to work safely around electricity, including understanding electrical terms, basic electrical safety principles, and regulations which pertain to electrical safety.Employees will now understand the dangers involved in excavations and how to take responsibility and work safely around trenches and excavations.Employees will learn the various types of fall hazards and how to prevent falls in your work environment by using appropriate fall protection.Employees will learn crane safety requirements for the construction industry, and explain how to avoid accidents and identify hazards when working on or around cranes and how to properly use, maintain, store, and dispose of materials.Employees will learn ladder hazards and ladder-related injuries and how to select, inspect, and maintain ladders.Employees will learn about confined space hazards and requirements for Permit-Required Confined Spaces under the OSHA Standard. They will also understand the duties and responsibilities of confined space workers.Employees will learn how to select personal protective equipment (PPE) based on a workplace evaluation and types of hazards.Employees will learn how to recognize types of scaffolds and how to safely use scaffolds. Register For On-line OSHA and Workplace Safety TrainingRegister for and enroll in an online course  here.  We are here to help you!eLearning students, you are not alone! We know that technology and online learning can present obstacles. United Alliance representatives are trained and ready to assist you in overcoming any barriers to learning. We want you to be successful in your courses and educational pursuits. Give us a call at 877-399-1698.Classroom and onsite training options!If on-line training is not for you take a look at our classroom training schedule to search for classes that you want to take. Or, if you need us to come to your location in the Boston, Massachusetts area for onsite workplace safety training fill out a request for service form.