Challenges Small Businesses Face in Complying with OSHA and EPA Regulations

As of 2006, small firms with less than 500 employees accounted for approximately 99 percent of the estimated 26.8 million businesses in the United States.

A common concern of small businesses is how to provide a safe workplace for employees and how to comply with Safety and Health regulations while effectively managing a host of other business demands.

United Alliance Services Corporation (UASC) understands the challenges small businesses face in complying with OSHA and EPA regulations and has the solutions small business need to comply with the regulatory communities.

UASC Small Business Consultation Service Program Information:
Using UASC On-Site Consultation Services largely helps, employers find out about potential hazards at their worksites, improve their occupational safety and health management systems. 

Consultation Service are delivered by our seasoned well-trained safety professional staff members. Most consultations takes place your workplace, though services are available away from the workplace. 

Primarily targeted for smaller businesses, our safety and health consultation services are completely separate from OSHA’s inspection efforts.  Employers can identify and correct deficiencies confidential and without regulatory oversight.  “UASC will walk you through correcting serious job safety and health hazards before accidents happen”.


UASC Small Business Consultation Services can be viewed at

Benefits of OSHA and EPA Consultative Services:

1.) Your Workforce 

An effective workplace safety and health management system at your worksite(s) will enable you to:

Recognize and remove hazards from your workplace.
Protect your workers from injury and illness.
Prevent loss of life at your worksite.

Cultivate informed and alert employees who take responsibility for their own and their coworkers’ safety and for worksite safety as a whole.
Improve employee morale.

2.) Your Managers 

An increased understanding of workplace hazards and remedies will put your managers in a better position to:  

Comply with federal and state safety and health requirements.

Become more effective at their jobs. Management experts believe that the company with a well-managed safety and health system enjoys better overall management. 
Increase productivity rates and assure product quality. 

3.) Your Business as a Whole 

An exemplary workplace safety and health management system is “good business sense” that also makes financial sense because it will allow you to:

Learn first-hand that the cost of accident prevention is far lower than the cost of accidents.
Improve the bottom line by:

Lowering injury and illness rates,
Decreasing workers’ compensation costs,
Reducing lost workdays, and
Limiting equipment damage and product losses.

To better understand the complexity of these compliance regulation visits:

Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA) at
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at