Choosing an Occupational Safety and Health Consultant

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Choosing the right occupational safety & health consultant for your business can mean the difference between a successful safety program – and a potential disaster. The following tips can help get you started.

Don’t be easily impressed. While a safety degree from a reputable institution can be a plus, unless you know which colleges offer good programs – and which don’t – focus more on the consultant’s “real-world” experience, rather than their college degree.
Know your “ABCs”. If you’re looking at professional designations, make sure they’re good ones – from reputable organizations – and that they’re appropriate for your particular situation. Why hire an environmental expert, for example, to develop injury prevention strategies?
Examine their track record. Look at the consultant’s work history. Have they handled situations similar to yours? How effectively? Ask for references from clients – and call them.
Cover your bases, literally. Make sure the consultant has a minimum of $1 million professional liability coverage and a minimum of $1 million general liability coverage – and get the certificates of insurance (from the carrier) to prove it.
Talk – and listen. Explain your situation in detail. Do they hear what you’re saying and respond with logical solutions in plain English, or revert to jargon and legalese?
Beware of “one-size-fits-all” approaches. While “template” approaches may be less expensive, if they’re not right for your situation, they could wind up costing you in more ways than one.
Do the “personality” test. If you can’t see yourself spending hours working with this person  or having him on-site with your employees – look elsewhere.

All consultants are not the same!

It really matters who you work with.  Most consultants provide boilerplate safety programs and don’t design a program to meet your specific need and requirements.  Unlike, United Alliance Services not all are experts in OSHA, EPA and state compliance programs and have the expertise on staff to meet your occupational safety or health needs. 

Make sure the consultant you hire had the capabilities to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), can maintain corporate integrity, specifically identifies code you need to be in compliance with, addresses emergency planning and has the ability to  train your workforce. 

When assessing you corporate safety program needs make sure the program developed by your consultant(s) improves overall employee safety, reduces liabilities, minimizes downtime and reduces exposure to fines.  A poorly developed and managed corporate safety program will make ongoing compliance impossible, will cost a lot of money, and will eventually need to be redone.

Some services to consider from a safety consultant include:

Initial EH&S program setup
Revisions and updates of existing EH&S programs
Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
EH&S compliance audits
Code compliance assessments
Facility and project inspections
OSHA Compliance documentation audits
EH&S Training programs
Incident investigation assistance
HAZWOPER and other emergency response training
OSHA/EPA inspections and follow-up assistance
OSHA/EPA abatement assistance
Equipment recommendations
Ongoing compliance support

Why Choose United Alliance Services as your consultant?

We provide the expertise…..

UASC will keep your business in compliance with OSHA, EPA, DOS, DOT and state programs. UASC’s training, audits and workplace safety reviews will assist in keep your personnel safe and your business in full compliance.

We become an extension to your safety department…..

UASC understands occupational safety and health standards and regulations at a federal, state and local level and can provide the expertise when needed.

We keep you on schedule and budget…..

UASC’s customized safety training programs are designed to meet your budget and schedule. We make “your business our business” and are sensitive to your operational and financial restrictions.

We train your employees to keep themselves and their co-workers safe…….
Occupational health regulations mandate that employees receive training to recognize and guard against the risks associated with working conditions. UASC provides programs that protect human health, safety and the environment in accordance with federal, state and local legal requirements set forth by OSHA, EPA and DOT. . UASC can plan your companies required safety training on a 3-month to 24-month schedule which save you money, time and stress.

We provide the services when you need them…….
We operate days, nights and weekends – Whenever you need Us! We understand that staying in compliance sometimes can impact your operations, budget and profitability. UASC will work around your schedule and organizational needs.

At United Alliance Services, we assemble and write the plans according to regulatory requirements applicable to your company, facility or project. We also specialize in assisting our client with ongoing compliance and have the capabilities to train your personnel for compliance for General Industry, Construction and Maritime OSHA and EPA regulations.