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OSHA and Workplace Environmental Health & Safety Consulting and Training for the Construction Industry

Construction safety consultants and staffing is one of United Alliance Services specialties. We provide OSHA and workplace environmental health and safety consultating and training for the construction industry in the New England, Tri-State, and Mid-Atlantic region. Our safety consulting services free clients from the challenge of finding and hiring safety consultants for special projects. United Alliance Services provides the site safety representative and administers all compensation, benefits and taxes, without the client having the additional overhead. Just as important, clients don’t have to worry about downtime if one of the safety consultants becomes unavailable because of illness or other reasons.  United Alliance Services provides fast access to a replacement. We can augment an existing in-house safety team with additional expertise for specific projects. It could be short-term or long-term contracts, new construction projects, shutdowns, or maintenance-related activities.

United Alliance Services provides experienced construction safety professionals and personnel to staff and manage site safety on your project or to supplement your team when additional safety support and representation is needed. Companies that utilize our safety consultant contracting and staffing teams include:

  • Owners
  • General Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Insurance
  • Subcontractors
  • Specialty Contractors

Our team is experienced in all project-oriented environments including: outages, shutdowns, turnarounds, new construction, expansions, additions, Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP), Contract Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP), Insurance Wrap-up Programs and large scale industrial demolition projects. Safety staffing experience includes: 

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Refinery
  • Re-Tooling
  • Airport
  • Paper Mills
  • Stadium
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Steel Mills
  • Hospitals
  • Large Industrial

United Alliance Services’ qualified Safety Advisors work with your team to integrate safety on your project, from the initial planning stages to the daily task-specific toolbox meetings. Our motivated team of professionals understands that safety, quality, and productivity work hand-in-hand.

Are OSHA State and Federal laws giving you headaches?

The magnitude of OSHA construction safety standards can be overwhelming. Our specialized expertise and experience at working with OSHA and state-level safety issues will help you anticipate and meet the legal requirements for worker safety. Our professionals will audit your jobsites to identify situations that are likely to draw OSHA attention and serve as your representatives during regulatory inspections. We can also help you develop your own written safety standards, policies, procedures, and training programs based on regulatory requirements. 

Safety Programs and Site Specific Plans

Whether it’s a new safety program you need or just an update of your current safety program to meet new requirements, United Alliance Services will work with you to develop the program you need. When developing a safety and health program, our advisors will work with your team to draft a specialized set of standards, policies and procedures. The potential safety program components are based on construction standards from OSHA. Through collaboration, the actual individualized components of the program are selected and incorporated.

OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance

We will help manage the regulatory inspection process at your jobsite. Our safety professionals have years of experience managing these situations from opening to informal conference. Post OSHA inspection, you will receive a safety order package which includes detailed information about the auditor’s inspection including any citations, fines and classifications. It is your company’s right to request a follow up meeting with OSHA referred to as an informal conference. This provides an opportunity to reduce fines and reclassify citations. 

OSHA Recordkeeping and Documentation

United Alliance Services will assist your company in understanding all of the statutory recordkeeping requirements identified by OSHA. When evaluating an incident, sometimes the decision to record the incident or not can be confusing. In addition, understanding knowing how to properly complete the OSHA 300 Log regarding recordable incidents, classifications, calculating days away from work and posting requirements can be confusing. There are many other recordkeeping requirements related to OSHA compliance such as how long to archive safety documents, health evaluations and product information. United Alliance Services is here to help.  

Construction Safety Inspections

Construction safety inspections are the most effective means of identifying hazardous conditions at the worksite. Construction sites require constant monitoring and careful observations to stay ahead of safety issues. We are a proven safety resource for third party job construction site safety inspections. Our safety professionals have been successfully performing construction safety inspections on some of the largest projects in the Northeast. We identify potential OSHA violations, liability issues and risk exposures while assisting clients with mitigating hazards before they damage the reputation of the company and injure employees.

The best defense against injury and loss is a comprehensive understanding of risks and deficiencies within your construction company and your projects. Through job site safety inspections and observations, our professionals will develop a useful and practical analysis of safety issues along with recommendations for remediation of problems. We use the same methodologies and standards employed by OSHA and the insurance industry – or your own safety standards – as the basis for our review. United Alliance Services’ safety professionals are trained to assess sites and provide written feedback of findings in a manner that is easily understood by the client.

Why Construction Job Site Inspections are Important

Written safety programs, safety training, job hazard analysis, and other tools are used as part of a successful safety program. Construction safety inspections ensure that the safety planning and tools used have the desired effect in the real world. Construction safety inspections identify hazards and give an opportunity to fix problems before injuries and accidents can occur. Let our specialists work on the construction safety inspections for you and free yourself to focus on your specialty in construction.


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