COVID-19 Mandate Quick FAQ

OccuMed Occupational HealthWorks is committed to providing our customers and clients with timely and relevant information to keep you up-to-date with the federal COVID-19 vaccine/testing mandate, it’s requirements, and potential impacts to your business.

Q: What does the ETS stand for?

A: Emergency Temporary Standard.

Q: If my company has over 100 employees who needs to get tested?

A: All unvaccinated workers who come into the office need to be tested every 7 days and wear a mask in the workplace.

Q: Who is considered an employee?

A: Part time workers, those who go into the office at least part time, as well as those who work offsite but around others, and full time employees. Contractors are not considered employees.

Q: Who is exempt from this mandate?

A: Anyone who does not report to the office, such as workers who are fully remote; or people who work outdoors. This includes, but is not limited to, Landscaping and Groundskeepers, Construction Laborers, Highway Maintenance Workers, Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, etc. A complete list can be found in this chart.

Q: What does this mean if my company is under 100 employees?

A: Businesses with less than 100 employees are exempt as OSHA has not been able to assess if it would be feasible to require vaccination or testing in such a small workplace. However, it is recommended to keep yourself and your staff up to date on any news pertaining to COVID-19.

Q: What is the employers responsibility for vaccination and/or testing?

A: Employers are not required to pay for their employees to get tested, for the time it takes to get tested, or for any protective face coverings. However, employers are more than welcome to pay for the tests. The employer must provide paid time off (PTO) for employees to get vaccinated along with any time needed to recover from any side effects that keep them from coming into work.

Q: Does the PTO rule apply to booster shots?

A: No, the CDC defines “fully vaccinated” people as having received one Johnson and Johnson shot, or two Moderna or Pfizer shots.

Q: Does having COVID-19 antibodies make me exempt?

A: No, you must be fully vaccinated or undergo testing once every 7 days.

Q: How will this mandate be enforced?

A: Through random spot checks and employee complaints. However if a company is caught in non-compliance, they can be fined upwards of $14,000 per offense.

Q: Who can help me with sorting out all the details?

A: OccuMed Occupational Healthworks! Call 877-399-1698 or contact us through our website, for any inquiries