Fall Protection in OSHA Construction Safety Training

Falls are the leading cause of death at construction sites, with one in three construction-related deaths the result of a fall. This startling statistic makes fall prevention all the more important. Construction sites can be some of the most dangerous locations, and while some hazards and obstacles cannot be avoided due to the job’s nature, planning and preparation can help prevent devastating accidents and unnecessary loss of life. 

Not only does OSHA have a convenient checklist to help prevent falls at construction sites, but it has created a campaign specifically targeting this concern. OSHA’s simple three-step process suggests that a site 

  • “Plan ahead to get the job done safely”; 
  • “Provide the right equipment”; and  
  • “Train everyone to use the equipment safely” 

Worker Harnessed on Scaffolding

Simple steps may not eliminate risks, but they can guarantee that the risks are manageable and can prevent falls and other injuries that may lead to death. By planning and providing the proper equipment, site managers and operators will know that their employees have the tools to do their job properly. 

United Safety Professionals is devoted to helping you create and maintain safe construction sites, by providing thorough, hands-on training to help prevent falls and other accidents. Not sure where to start to make sure safety is on everyone’s mind at your site? We offer both 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA construction training programs that will give you a full understanding of the initial steps to take to improve fall protection on your jobsite. You can also find a number of online training programs that allow you to learn about relevant and related guidelines at your own convenience.