OSHA Construction Training Standards

As the infrastructure bill proposed by the current administration makes its way through Congress, it is looking more likely that construction sites will be popping up more frequently. With this increase in projects, safety hazards and risks are likely to increase as well. Fall-related injuries are not the only preventable hazards facing construction sites. Much of the work done with electricity and excavations pose their own threats to workers’ well-being, and these must also be assessed prior to beginning the work. 

OSHA was created 50 years ago to mitigate the dangers that accidents and falls pose to construction workers, and has outlined standards for site managers and operators to comply with in order to eliminate these risks as much as possible. In addition to assessing risks, site managers must communicate all hazards to workers and make sure that they have sufficient training to guarantee proper usage of all equipment and sufficient knowledge to maneuver the job’s requirements safely.  A full list of OSHA’s extensive standards and guidance for construction sites can be found on their website.  

United Safety Professionals knows that compliance with OSHA’s extensive standards can be overwhelming, despite how necessary it is. We offer both 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA construction training programs that will give you a full understanding of all the steps to take to ensure that your site operates safely and efficiently. You can also find a number of online training programs that allow you to learn about relevant and related guidelines at your own convenience. We will also train you on how to train your employees so they can practice safe behaviors while on the job, so from education to execution, your job site is safe and secure.