Get the Test Boston: Working Together to Fight COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, Boston and Massachusetts as a whole are following trends in rapidly-rising cases seen across the country and the world. As people grapple with the latest wave of the virus, they must also take into consideration that, with the winter months approaching and most activities having to move indoors, mixed with the already-common cold and flu season, precautions and preventative measures cannot be thrown away just because we have been following them for months already. However, another measure that can help slow the spread of the virus is testing. Because of this, the City of Boston has begun a new campaign: Get the Test Boston.

Unlike at the start of the pandemic, testing now is much more accessible, and the City of Boston has expanded its efforts to offer testing to its residents. Because of this, the city wants to work with Boston businesses to make sure their employees know where and how to get tested, and have access to the resources to care for themselves and ultimately promote good public health. When a company takes this pledge, it plays an important part in slowing the spread of the virus and preventing setbacks in the state’s reopening process. The City of Boston, for example, is offering all its benefits-eligible employees one paid hour every fourteen days for them to get tested. This allows the employees to get tested without having to worry about using sick or vacation time. When taking the pledge, companies should think of creative ways to provide their employees with options and resources to help them slow the spread.

Who Should Get Tested Under This Pledge?

Companies should encourage any employee fitting any of the following criteria to get tested for COVID-19:

-if the employee is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms
-if the employee is at high risk for complications
-if the employee has come into close contact with someone infected with COVID-19
-if the employee has traveled or has been in a large group

As always, make sure you keep up-to-date with the CDC’s website on any updates on the evolving situation that may help you decide who should get tested.

Where Can Employees Get Tested?

There are multiple locations across the City of Boston, as well as throughout Massachusetts, that offers COVID-19 testing.

-Boston locations can be found here.
-Other Massachusetts locations can be found here.

These locations include mobile testing sites, as well as more traditional sites. Just be aware that costs may vary based on the type of test and the location you visit. The mobile location tests are free, but at certain locations, asymptomatic tests may not be covered by some insurances, so check with your insurance provider before you visit.


Many well-known Boston-based businesses, including the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Bruins, the Boston Celtics, Stop and Shop, Wayfair, and more have already taken the pledge, so make sure that your company takes the pledge to Get the Test Boston today. If everyone does their part, then we all will be one step closer to getting the pandemic under control. And don’t forget to use #GetTheTestBoston on social media to help spread word on the many resources offered so everyone can do their part to keep everyone safe and healthy!

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