How Does OSHA Affect Your Small to Mid-Size Business?

Are you wondering if you are doing what you are expected to be doing according to OSHA’s rules and regulations?  Are you prepared for a surprise visit from an OSHA officer?  Do you have the mandated posters hanging in a common area of your office so that all your employees can read it? Do you even know what I am talking about?

Your questions about OSHA and which laws apply to your small or mid-size business will be covered in a FREE seminar to be held at the New Bedford Chamber of Commerce on:

January 30, 2013 from 8:30am – 10:30am.

Marc Bianco, Vice President Technical Services at United Alliance Services Corp., will be presenting a 2-hour seminar which will cover OSHA’s role in the prevention and elimination of work-related illnesses and injuries.  Employer and employee rights and responsibilities will be covered, along with keeping records that satisfy OSHA requirements and help you build an effective safety program.

You will be able to determine what is expected of your employees under the OSH Act and the process of workplace inspection.  You will be prepared for what to expect if your facility is inspected by OSHA.  You will also learn where to go for more information and assistance.

The event is FREE and you can register here or go to the New Bedford Chamber of Commerce website.  You can give us a call at United Alliance Services, 877-399-1698, and we will register you!