Keene State College’s Next Generation of Safety Professionals

Working as a safety-consulting intern with United Alliance Services Corporation, has provided me with an immense amount of knowledge in a very short time period. Having studied Occupational Safety and Health Applied Sciences at Keene State College for the past 4 years, has allowed great background knowledge of the industry. However, UASC has picked up where Keene lacks, in the department of real world applicable experiences. While working for UASC I was able to combine my classroom knowledge of OSHA regulations, Environmental, Safety Training, Record Keeping Hazard Identification, and many other course based learning with the “ real world” experiences so critical to become a well –rounded employee. With UASC, I was given the opportunity to work closely with Site Safety Leader, Walter on our sub-contracted job with DCO Energy. The job is underway in Rhode Island to become a state of the art energy facility to provide green energy by taking landfill trash converting the methane gasses to steam to create clean green energy. Working onsite with Walt and Marc, I was shown the ropes of a day-to-day heavy construction application that I had previously only ever read about. I learned invaluable information from Marc’s extensive knowledge in the construction background, and from Walter’s 30 plus years dealing with safety on the job.  I was able to see critical crane picks and steel erects that many graduating students may never see in their careers. This has exposed me and given me a big jump on my classmates soon to become competition in the job market. Seeing how employees interact, respond and work together to comply (or not) with safety measures per OSHA and or DCO.  Doing many site walk troughs to assess hazards has helped me grasp the immensity of potential dangers on any job site by seeing them with my own eyes and assess how a worker could injury himself or herself. This all has become extremely useful in my last semester at Keene where I have been assigned to work closely with Currier Museum of Art to set up a Safety Program involving hazard ID, mitigation, training, JHA’s, and a written Safety and Health Plan.  All of which I was ready for because UASC had me working on every aspect of those key programs. There is so much to be said for taking book smarts and applying it to real world applications. There is no better way to learn, than by doing, observing and then improving. I loved every opportunity UASC allowed me and has ALL proven truthful, useful and most of all invaluably helpful.