Keeping Your Construction Site Safe – What You Need to Know

It’s safe to say, construction is a high hazard industry.

Comprised of a wide range of activities, construction workers engage in many activities that may expose them to serious hazards.

According to the 2020 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index report, the top 5 five injuries from construction sites – falls to lower level, struck by object, overextension, falls to same level, and hit by vehicle – accounted for $7.87 billion in costs.

Providing a safe construction worksite is key to maintaining healthy workers and keeping the job on schedule.

To accomplish this, many companies hire a full-time safety advisor. This person is typically responsible for in-house safety programs, managing OSHA related inspections, and training workers. In a perfect world, this works fine. However, finding and hiring for this role can be challenging.

Keep Your Project On-Track

Many construction companies rely on out-sources construction site safety services that augment an existing in-house safety team. This helps to free up the company from the challenge of finding and hiring safety consultants for special projects.

When a construction project requires specific expertise, adding this type of resource can make the difference between winning or losing the bid.

Out-sourced safety services can be used on new construction projects, shutdowns, or maintenance-related activities. If one of the safety consultants becomes unavailable because of illness or other reasons, they can quickly be replaced, without sacrificing quality or missing project deadlines.

United Alliance Services’ qualified Safety Advisors work with your team to integrate safety on your project, from the initial planning stages to the daily task-specific toolbox meetings. Our motivated team of professionals understands that safety, quality, and productivity work hand-in-hand.

Construction Site Safety Services

We work with many construction companies in a variety of ways.

  1. OSHA State and Federal Laws
    OSHA construction safety standards can be overwhelming. We can help you anticipate and meet the legal requirements for worker safety.
  2. Safety Programs and Site-Specific Plans
    Whether it’s a new safety program you need or just an update of your current safety program to meet new requirements, we can help to develop a specialized set of standards, policies and procedures. The potential safety program components are based on construction standards from OSHA.
  3. OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance
    We will help manage the regulatory inspection process at your jobsite. Our safety professionals have years of experience managing these situations from opening to informal conference.
  4. OSHA Recordkeeping and Documentation
    We can help your company understand all the statutory recordkeeping requirements identified by OSHA.
  5. Construction Safety Inspections
    Construction safety inspections are the most effective means of identifying hazardous conditions at the worksite. Construction sites require constant monitoring and careful observations to stay ahead of safety issues. We help to identify potential OSHA violations, liability issues and risk exposures while assisting clients with mitigating hazards before they damage the reputation of the company and injure employees.

Why Construction Job Site Inspections are Important

Written safety programs, safety training, job hazard analysis, and other tools are used as part of a successful safety program. Construction safety inspections ensure that the safety planning and tools used have the desired effect in the real world. By identifying hazards, you’ll have the opportunity to fix these issues before injuries and accidents can occur.

The best defense against injury and loss is a comprehensive understanding of risks and deficiencies within your construction company and your projects.

We use the same methodologies and standards employed by OSHA and the insurance industry – or your own safety standards – as the basis for our review to ensure a safer construction job site.

We’re here to help

Need help making your construction job site safe? We offer the following services to help:

OSHA CONSULTING BUNDLE – Written directive/policy on requirements which can be either a corporate policy or a site-specific policy.

OSHA TRAINING  – We offer Open Enrollment Classes, Online Courses, and Private Company Sponsored Classes made available at your convenience.

If you have concerns about your workforce and coronavirus, please contact us today to learn about steps you can take to protect yourself, your family, and your employees.