Improving Air Ventilation in Your Home to Prevent COVID-19

As people do their best to protect themselves from COVID-19 and limit its spread, they are finding themselves at home more often than ever before. But, there are instances where exposure to the virus could occur, especially if outside visitors come into your home. Just like many businesses and public buildings have taken steps to increase ventilation to prevent potentially-contaminated air from remaining stagnant, there are ways you can improve the air flow in your own home, both for your own comfort and for instances where someone other than a member of your household must come inside.

From CDC website

Bringing fresh air into your home is possibly the most important way to prevent COVID-19 particles from accumulating in your home. Opening windows and doors will help circulate and move fresh air inside, preventing any buildup of the virus. However, having windows and doors wide open is not always possible, but even having one cracked slightly will help. Do not open windows and doors if it presents a safety risk for you or others, especially if pets or young children are present or opening a door or window will bring with it a medical concern.

If having doors and windows open is not an option, there are other ways to keep air moving throughout your home. Stoves and bathrooms are two common places that may have an exhaust fan. Turning them on helps move potentially-contaminated air outside and create some air flow. Though some exhaust fans do not move air outside, they can still move potentially-contaminated air and prevent it from being concentrated in one place. Traditional fans are also helpful in ventilating your house and improving air flow. Placing a portable fan as close to an open window as possible, facing outwards, can help move any virus particles that may be in your house out and into the outdoors. Make sure the fans are pointed away from people, because this could potentially blow contaminated air right at them. Even if windows are not open, portable and ceiling fans help improve air flow, so utilize them as much as possible.

Filtration systems are very useful in purifying the air in your home. If your house has a central heating or air conditioning system, there are a few steps you can take to improve air flow. If you control your system with a thermostat, set the fan to the “on” position rather than “auto”.

From CDC website

This allows the fan to blow and move air throughout your house at all points, not just when the system is running. Make sure any and all filters are installed and fit properly and consider using pleated filters to catch more particles. Follow all manufacturer directions regarding changing the filter, and also have your system routinely checked to make sure it is functioning properly.

Portable high-efficiency particulate air filters, more commonly known as HEPA filters, are a great option if you do not have a central heating or air conditioning system, or if you simply want some extra filtration. These efficient filters capture everyday dust and dirt particles, as well as any particles people may exhale when talking, coughing, or sneezing. Just be sure to take into account the size of the room where the filter will be placed. HEPA air filters are designed with room size in mind to make sure it cleans efficiently, so research what size is best for the space it will be placed.

These steps are useful in helping prevent transmission of COVID-19 in your household, but they alone will not prevent it completely. If someone other than a member of your household must come into your home, make sure everyone follows the traditional public health measures, such as wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. This even goes for those who live in the house while a visitor is present. Limit the number of visitors in your home and keep the visits as short as possible, and do your best to host visitors in larger areas to give everyone space.


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