Massachusetts DOS and EPA Begins Enforcement of Lead RRP

Enforcement has begun on the Mass DOS Mass DOS  –  EPA Lead RRP program . The fines are stiff, up to $37,500 per violation! So, read on and then answer the question, “Have you been trained?”

While agents may be quite busy with the leads provided by tips and anonymous calls, townships have begun to require the certification in order to obtain a permit, insurers are not renewing policies without it, and law firms are buying up web space in anticipation of many lead paint poisoning cases to pursue; things we are confident will not adversely impact our course graduates!

In speaking with Mass DOS and EPA agents, the tone is one of common sense. No one is looking to levy a fine against contractors who are making a good faith effort to comply. One might paraphrase to say that agents aren’t going to come measure the poly on the floor, but there had better be poly to protect the site or you will face a willful violation. The goal should be for contractors to keep their customers and crew safe and healthy. Agents we spoke to also stressed the importance of safety for the purpose of guarding against litigation. The EPA’s current posture is one of educating, not alienating. Agents seemed understanding of the rigors of compliance and eager to help with questions and issues.

Just last week we received a telephone call from a member who had taken our class but lost his certificate. The Federal Agent who visited him onsite was friendly enough but not very forgiving about the certificate. We got a panic call requesting a duplicate.

So, the EPA is in the marketplace checking to see if you’ve been trained. If you haven’t you may jeopardize the business you’ve built and the assets you’ve accumulated. Don’t delay, consider how you can get trained TODAY. There are many ways to get the training you need and United Alliance Services Corporation   in partnership with NAETI is a approved Mass DOS and EPA training provider, recommends you visit  to check for a class in your area. It’s the only smart thing to do!