National Health Unit Coordinator Week

National Health Unit Coordinator Week runs from August 23-29. During this time, we like to celebrate and recognize health unit coordinators for their crucial work, which helps healthcare facilities provide excellent service and comply with regulatory standards. They handle various administrative operations such as updating medical files and resolving patient complaints. Health unit coordinators are often the glue that holds nursing units together; we’d like to use this blog post to thank health unit coordinators nationwide and highlight some of their responsibilities for those who don’t know. 

What does a health unit coordinator do?

  • Welcoming and checking-in new patients
  • Answering phone calls
  • Communicating with patients, families, and staff
  • Maintaining appointment schedules
  • Planning patient activities
  • Assisting patients with forms
  • Ordering medical equipment and supplies
  • Resolving patient complaints
  • Training new employees


The list is only a basic outline of the various duties and responsibilities taken on by health unit coordinators. In reality, most non-clinical functions of a nursing unit are carried out by health unit coordinators. Health unit coordinators have outstanding people skills and possess the ability to communicate with patients while respecting cultural diversity and personal preferences. 

Health Unit Coordinators are Largely Responsible for Health/Safety Regulation Compliance

Another important function of a health unit coordinator is to identify and correct potential health/safety hazards. Compliance with legal regulations is incredibly important in the healthcare industry, not just for the protection of the organization but also for the protection of the patients. Health unit coordinators ensure that all spaces and practices comply with laws such as those created by OSHA. When they encounter potential hazards, it is their duty to assess and handle the situation as quickly as possible. 

We thank health unit coordinators for all that they do to ensure the safety and positive experience of both patients and medical staff!

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