Employer Safety Tips for Mosquito Borne Disease in MA

Mosquitoes in Falmouth, MA, a town on Cape Cod, recently tested positive for EEE (Eastern equine encephalitis) virus, according to reports from the Cape Cod Times. Luckily, so far, there has never been a case of EEE on the Cape.

Though EEE is rare, the effects can be deadly, with 50% mortality rate in Massachusetts. Those who survive generally have lifelong neurological disabilities. Symptoms include high fever — up to 106 degrees, stiff neck, headache and lack of energy. The most serious complication is encephalitis or inflammation and swelling of the brain. Symptoms develop rapidly, and victims may go into a coma within a week.

Workers at Risk

According to the CDC, workers are at risk when they are working where mosquitoes are biting. Different species of mosquitoes are found in varying geographic locations, are most active at different times, and spread different diseases.

The risk to workers varies with where they are working in the United States or elsewhere, type of habitat at the worksite, season, and time of day.

Workers at risk include:

  • Outdoor workers
  • Business travelers who may travel to areas with mosquito-borne diseases
  • Laboratory workers who may work with potentially infected samples, cultures, or arthropods
  • Healthcare workers who may handle patients who are, or might be infected with certain mosquito-borne diseases. Transmission may occur through a break in their skin or via a sharp penetration injury.

To keep your employees safe, the CDC recommends

  • Removing any standing water where mosquitoes like to breed
  • Providing workers with, and encouraging them to wear, clothing that covers their hands, arms, legs, and other exposed skin.
  • Providing insect repellents

Other ways to keep employees safe is to offer onsite medical services. We provide onsite medical care to any project that is remote, widespread, temporary, or that requires our staff to be available at a moment’s notice.

Our trailers are fully equipped with materials tailored to the client’s needs. We have the capability of stocking our trailers with first aid and drug testing materials. By providing medical services on-site, employees do not have to leave work to receive medical treatments

You can learn more about Mosquito borne diseases on the CDC website.