OSHA Safe & Sound Week: Free Safety Leadership Classes

by Meg Whynot-Young

Join us as we participate in this nationwide event to raise awareness for worker safety. OSHA’s Safe and Sound week is August 13-19.

We are hosting two leadership classes on August 13th, Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) and Planning for Business Continuity: How Safety Can Solve for Single Points of Failure.  

The FSL class is great for everyone who is responsible for safety on the job. This class is somewhat geared towards the construction industry, but there is a lot of information that safety leaders from all industries will find valuable. We recommend anyone who has leadership responsibilities take this class. This two and a half hour class can be presented as a standalone module or as an OSHA 30 Hour elective topic.

Planning for Business Continuity is a cross-industry class that is great for anyone who has financial oversight of a business or budgeting responsibilities and would like to understand the impact safety has on the bottom line (this is particularly helpful when making a case for safety dollars in the annual budget).

Both classes will be held at our offices at 3119 Cranberry Highway, Suite 5B, Wareham, MA 02538.  If you can’t attend in person, email us at safetysolutions@uascor.com, and we will send you the webinar login.

Foundations for Safety Leadership

August 13

8:00 am-10:30 am

The Foundations for Safety Leadership class was developed by OSHA and the CPWR and is about 2.5 hours long.


    Students will be able to explain why safety leadership is essential.
    Students will be able to describe five skills of safety leaders.
    Discuss how to apply safety leadership skill on the job site.


    Skills of Effective Leaders
    Costs of Workplace Injuries/Illness
    Active Listening & 3 Way Communication
    Scenario Activities and Class Discussion Analyzing Leadership Skills


Planning for Business Continuity: How Safety Can Solve for Single Points of Failure

August 13

4:00 pm – 6:30 pm

We will explore the relationship between risk management and its impact on business continuity
for small and mid-sized businesses. Participants will gain perspectives on; implementing a risk
management program, how risk relates to business continuity during normal operations,
identifying, quantifying risk in their organizations, and tools to mitigate the risk of business


    Understanding the management of safety as a business requirement that impacts the organization’s production & profitability.
    Identifying and quantifying risk as it pertains to business continuity in your organization.

What happens when a key employee is out of work due to an accident? A simple slip and fall
could shut down a small business for days, even weeks. Consider what would happen if there was
a fire that destroyed all or part of your building. It is important to think ahead, in this era of
deregulation, of how safety can positively affect businesses and their bottom line, regardless of
compliance issues.

Register for Class: email safetysolutionsatuascor.com or call (877) 399-1698