OSHA Tip Tuesday- New England Scissor Lift Stand Down Week

May 4-10, 2014 has been designated as the scissor lift stand down week. Construction Safety Roundtable of Eastern MA., OSHA Braintree, MA. Area office and New England Safety Training Alliance  (among others) have come together to promote the latest in a series of region-wide “stand down” training events for New England.The purpose of the stand down, which can happen at any time during the week, is to conduct a 30 minute training session to discuss crushing and caught-in-between (CIB) hazards in construction, and to raise awareness about crushing hazards on scissor lifts.There were five fatal CIB accidents in New England in December 2013.Here are some other resources from CSR-EM for trainers to use during the stand down training:New England Safety Training Alliance Scissor Lift Awareness Stand Down Training PresentationHazard Alert- Student Worker Killed While Filming Football Practice from a Scissor LiftScissor Lift Safety Tool Box Talk from the Indiana Construction AssociationCDC & NIOSH FACE Program Report of fatal scissor lift crushing accidentScissor Lift Awareness Training Quiz from CSR-EM “Participating organizations are asked to printout the evaluation in advance and document the training via their own internal attendance sheets then complete an online course evaluation which will assist in determining of the effectiveness of this event. Please coordinate the totals for your facility/location and have one course evaluation completed per facility/location”Video of Scissor-Lift Pre-Start Inspection from AWPT.org<