Weekly Tool Box Talk –Struck By Hazards

Each day at construction work sites, workers are struck by vehicles, materials, debris and tools.  22% of all construction injuries and deaths are the result of being hit by an object.This UASC Toolbox Talk is a reminder of many OSHA regulations designed to protect you from “struck by” injuries.Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Where workers are in areas where there is a possible danger of head injuries from impact or from falling or flying objects, or electrical shock and burns, they must wear protective helmets.  Scaffolds – Where workers pass under a scaffold, the scaffold must be equipped with a screen between the toe board and the guard rail. Overhead protection must be provided for workers on a scaffold exposed to overhead hazards.Materials being hoisted onto a scaffold must have a tag line. Falling Object Protection – Toe boards must be provided long the edge of overhead walking/working surfaces.  Materials and equipment must not be stored within 6 feet of the roof edge.  Materials, which are piled, grouped or stacked near a roof edge, must be stable and self-supporting. Cranes, Derricks, and Hoists – All workers shall be kept clear of loads about to be lifted and suspended loads. Structural Steel – Tag lines must be used for controlling loads. Excavations – No employee is permitted underneath loads handled by lifting of digging equipment.  Employees shall be required to stand away from any vehicle being loaded or unloaded to avoid being struck by any spillage or falling materials