Planning for Domestic and International Travel During COVID-19

The world is slowly but surely reopening as the COVID-19 pandemic draws closer to an end. With vaccinations continuing to roll out and decreasing numbers decreasing, people are navigating ways to return to a sense of normalcy.


Due to its nature, traveling right now can create increased risk for exposure. But if you must travel, there are steps you can take to protect you, those you visit, and those who travel around you.


Testing requirements vary by your destination location, both domestic and international. If you are travelling within the United States, the CDC has created a helpful tool that allows you to enter your destination to see that region’s specific testing requirements for incoming visitors. Do some research before you travel to make sure you are prepared. Many states have their own lists of safe or unsafe locations to travel from, and with these different definitions comes different rules, including testing requirements or quarantine plans. So, make sure you know what your destination requires so your travel plans are not interrupted or turned upside-down.


In general, the CDC recommends that all travelers get a COVID-19 test one to three days before departure. Plan accordingly, though, because the time to get results can vary. Once you receive your results, keep them with you in case you are asked for them at any point during travel. Determine what the negative test results mean for your destination, including if it exempts you from any quarantine rules. Upon returning home, many states also require a quarantine or negative test, or a combination of both. The CDC recommends that travelers are tested three to five days after their return home, as well as a quarantine period that lasts seven days even if you test negative. If you choose not to get tested, the CDC recommends a ten-day quarantine period.


OccuMed understands that getting tested may add an extra step to traveling during an already stressful time. We offer a variety of COVID-19 testing options for every need. We have partnered with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to offer our customers with these fast and effective testing options. To learn more about our COVID-19 testing options, including testing options for educational and workplace settings, contact us today!