Safety Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Chances are that even if you have not been able to take a full-fledged vacation this summer, you have at least had an opportunity to relax by the beach or sit poolside with a cold drink in your hand, while, at least temporarily, allowing yourself to forget your workplace obligations; but while you catch up on your R&R, OSHA is keeping a  watchful eye on your workplace.  

Though many Americans look forward to summer and the barbecues and beach days that it brings, workplace safety officials use the summer months to carefully monitor workplace safety conditions across the country in an effort to stay ahead of an increased number of safety risks posed to workers in industries, like landscaping and construction, that typically see an increase in work during the summer. The proactive identification of hazards,
for example, has been at the top of OSHA’s watch-list, and while the recently passed H.R. 4078 bill prevents OSHA and other agencies from seeking new regulatory reach pertaining to such issues, there is no doubt that OSHA is keeping a close eye on hazard identification. Similarly,  whistleblowing has become one of OSHA’s top priorities during 2012, and the number of cases being reported on by OSHA publicly has doubled since last summer.  

While for many, summer may be the season of relaxation, it is important to remember that danger, like safety, does not take a vacation.  Through proper maintenance and inspection of the workplace, it is possible to prevent dangerous workplace accidents, as well as costly inspections and citations. Keep your summer safe, and contact United Alliance Services Corporation for information on workplace safety programs and help with OSHA related issues.   


image courtesy of wiangya Free Digital Photo