Safety Tips For Shopping Online On Cyber Monday!

So, who’s waiting anxiously for you to arrive? The high-tech thieves and scammers are anxiously awaiting your arrival and arming yourself with a few clever techniques may help you avoid a bunch of headaches when it comes to your online purchases.

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If Black Friday was not enough for you and you’re going to participate in spending your hard-earned money on Cyber Monday, try to shop online with companies you know and trust. If you aren’t familiar with a site, do a background check and look at its reviews. Also, consider using a one-time or limited use credit card. Keep these tips in mind when shopping online;

Check a website’s reputation before making a purchase. Look for complaints filed with the Attorney General or Better Business Bureau and do a basic internet search with the website’s name and the word “scam” to look for potential red flags.
Keep your computer, smart phone, tablets and any other device you use for shopping updated with the latest security software, programs and applications.
Be skeptical of “free” offers, especially if you have provided your credit card number for shipping and hands handling. You may start to receive monthly charges when the free trial period ends unless you directly cancel.
Make sure a website is secure before entering your information. The website address should say “https”. The “s” indicates that the connection is secure.
Only give out personal information that is necessary to complete the transaction.
Look for the refund policy. Review the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing.
Check your account regularly. This may help you identify fraudulent changes or identify theft.

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