Technology to the Rescue!

Finding Quality Safety Training Might be Easier than you think!

Thanks to advances in technology, United Alliance Services Corporation makes it easier than ever to find a safety training or consulting program to meet your needs.

It’s 8:30am at the job site, only a couple of hours into the workday, and one of the sites foreman informs you that there’s been a fall related accident involving a worker wearing a safety harness that malfunctioned. As the site’s project manager, it’s your duty to ensure the safety of everyone on site, to enforce site safety regulations, and to make sure that all of the safety equipment on sight is functioning properly, and is up to code. Distressed over the nature of the accident, and wanting prevent similar future occurrences, you decide to hire a workplace safety consulting firm to do a safety inspection of the project equipment and grounds, but with so many numbers in the phone book, who do you choose? A quick web search reveals just as many options, and while they all claim to be the foremost providers of workplace safety training and consulting, you’re never quite sure about exactly who you’ll be dealing with or about what, specifically, will be included in their services. You could meet with the consultants from a few of the companies to get some quotes, but that often means taking time away from the job office or site which can be a hassle, especially since you don’t know whether or not the meeting will have been worth your time. If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone, however luckily for you, changes in technology have made it increasingly easier to find workplace safety training and consulting that fits your needs without the inconvenience of having to travel, or even leave the jobsite.

At United Alliance Services Corporation, these technologies are being employed every day to help companies in a variety of different industries, from construction and marine, to health care and manufacturing, meet their workplace safety needs with minimal hassle and guesswork. Through our website, clients can gain an idea of exactly who we are and what we do, while determining which of our services are right for meeting their individual safety needs. Similarly, our online safety classes provide companies and workers with the opportunity to stay current in knowledge of state and federal safety regulations, while allowing them to comply with these rules by renewing the necessary safety certifications. Additionally, United Alliance Services Corporation makes use of videoconferencing technologies in order to conduct business in a face to face manner, while allowing clients to see exactly who the will be working with and what they can expect, without the difficulty associated with leaving an office or job site to attend a meeting in person. In this way, clients can experience the ease and efficiency of working with United Alliance Services Corporation, while the trainers and consultants at United Alliance Services Corporation are able to quickly and accurately assess the needs of the client, allowing them to provide the highest level of service possible. This ability to conduct face-to-face meetings via videoconferencing is particularly valuable when discussing proposals, site plans, or class curriculum with clients, ensuring that clients are kept abreast of any and all services and procedures provided by United Alliance Services Corporation.

While technology certainly can’t take the place of human interaction completely, it can certainly make things easier while deciding which safety consulting providers to choose, especially when it gives you the ability to see exactly who you’ll be working with and what you’ll be getting. The next time you’re wondering who to contact about your workplace safety needs, give us a call at (877) 399-1698, or visit us in order to get a quote or set up a video meeting.

When it comes to workplace safety, it pays to know who you’re working with, and we’re just as committed to workplace safety and proficiency as you are.