Weekly Tool Box Talk –Construction Vehicle Safety

This week’s tool box safety talk is on construction vehicle safety. As construction projects are in full swing all over New England, now is a good time to review how to stay safe while using construction vehicles onsite.Construction equipment must conform to project plans and specifications, as well as applicable laws and ordinances.All equipment must properly enter, work, stop and exit a work site.All equipment must have proper legal registration.All equipment must have an unobstructed view to the rear unless:          The vehicle is backed when an observer signals.          The vehicle has a reverse signal alarm.All equipment must have proper working visible flashing warning lights, as required by the project plans and specifications.Construction equipment designed to move 25 MPH or less on public roads shall have appropriate “Slow-Moving Vehicle Emblems”.Slow moving equipment must have proper escorting vehicles when traveling with traffic, as per the project plans and specifications.Don’t forget it is important to document your weekly safety talks. You can access a free download of our Jobsite Safety Meeting Report here.