Weekly Tool Box Talk –Conveyor Safety

A conveyor system helps lower an employee’s exposures to lifting and possible back injuries.  However, there are hazards associated with the use of conveyors.  Employees need to know how to operate the conveyor safely and the possible hazards associated with that piece of equipment.Hazards associated with conveyors include pinch points, falling material, electrical and struck by.  It is essential that all machine guards remain in place and are properly secured.  Also, keep floors and walkways clear of slip and trip hazards such as spilled liquids and packing material.Only trained mechanics should be allowed to work on or repair conveyor systems.  However, employees should inspect the machines throughout their shift to ensure all belts, rollers and mechanical parts are in good working order.  Any defects or worn parts should be reported immediately.Employees should follow the guidelines below when working with conveyor systems:Never climb, step or ride a conveyor.Do not tamper with guards or safety devices.Never overload a conveyor.Do not reach into an area with moving parts.Do not wear loose fitting clothing, jewelry, or hair, which may get caught.Shut down the conveyor if problems occur.  Use a lockout/tagout system when attempting any work on the conveyor.Never attempt to un-jam any moving conveyor.