Weekly Tool Box Talk – Crane and Hoist Safety

While working with or near cranes and hoists employees are more exposed to serious hazards.  Certain safety rules must be applied when working in this type of work environment.

Workers not involved in the operation of the crane or hoist, but who are in the operating area need to:

  • Never stand or walk under a load, whether moving or stationary.
  • Stay alert and pay attention to warning signals.
  • Do not distract signal person when a load is being lifted.

Workers involved in the lift need to follow the following safety guidelines:

  1. Never operate a crane that is unsafe.
  2. Inspect the equipment before using it.
  3. Never let an unauthorized person operate the crane or give hand signals.
  4. Make sure the operator and signal person are in direct contact.
  5. Never carry a load over another worker.
  6. Lockout equipment when doing any repair work.
  7. Never exceed the limits of the equipment
  8. If the lift appears to become unstable or unsafe, stop immediately.

The safe operation of cranes and hoisting equipment require a team effort. 

Ensure that all employees are properly trained to identify hazards and protect employees.

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