Bridge Construction Mishap Stresses The importance of Ariel Lift Safety Training

NBC Boston recently reported one person was killed and a second badly injured in an accident at a bridge construction project on Interstate 495 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on Wednesday morning.

A preliminary investigation showed the two workers fell from the bucket of a lift truck as they were working on a bridge over the Merrimack River. The workers fell onto a barge below.

The report goes on to state: The Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health (MassCOSH) released a statement saying that the “tragic event is a reminder that working at elevated heights remains a very dangerous job.” The agency added that employers should make sure OSHA-required safety measures are carefully implemented.

Though the cause of the falls remains under investigation, the importance of Aerial Safety training cannot be overlooked.

We offer an Aerial Lift Safety Awareness Course that is designed for employees who operate or work around aerial lifts. This provides participants with a basic understanding of the OSHA Standards governing aerial lifts and methods available to prevent fall hazards.

This course covers the following topics;

  • Review OSHA Standards governing aerial lifts
  • Discuss the hazards associated with operating aerial lifts
  • Understanding rated load capacities for lifting personnel, tools, and materials
  • General requirements regarding fall protection
  • Pre-planning techniques to avoid aerial lift related accidents
  • Training considerations

Accidents happen on the job site, sometimes too often. Though you can’t plan or prepare for every incident, you can provide the proper OSHA required training to ensure workers have the latest information on how to stay safe.

Looking for a review of your current Safety Plan? We provide Risk Assessments to help you navigate OSHA training requirements to stay compliant.