United Alliance Services Presents Foundations of Safety Leadership

On May 9th, 2018 Marc A. Bianco will be presenting the Foundations of Safety Leadership (FSL) course at the Associated Builders and Contractors Rhode Island Chapter (ABC- RI) in Pawtucket, RI to members of the ABC-RI. 

This module was researched and developed by the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), OSHA outreach trainers, safety professionals, and construction industry professionals. It is two and a half hours long and can be offered as an elective module within the OSHA 30 Hour Construction Outreach course or as a standalone course. 

Foundations of Safety Leadership is an important addition to safety outreach training, giving participants tools to be effective communicators and strong safety leaders on the jobsite. 

In the FSL course participants are given the “LEADeR” acronym to help them remember the core facets of safety leadership: 

Lead by example. 

Engage team members.

Actively listen and practice three-way communication.

Develop team members through teaching, coaching, and feedback.

Recognize team members for a job well done. 

Not surprisingly, this acronym also aptly describes some of the basic elements of an effective health and safety program. From management leading by example by committing to safety, to positive feedback with rewards and recognition for employees who demonstrate safety in practice, each one of these elements must be present for a safety program to be successful.  

When leaders demonstrate the importance of safety it places the emphasis on a worker’s right to a safe and healthful working environment. When an organization’s leaders are visibly acting in a manner to support safety, that message is spread consistently on the jobsite. It can even help to engender a sense of pride in the company, as I think we can all agree, it is a good feeling to work for someone who is truly concerned for your well-being. 

Active listening and three-way communication are key communication tools that participants will gain better understanding of from this training. Repeating back what you’ve heard eliminates confusion before problems start. This simple practice is not only helpful in promoting safety on the jobsite, but it is also helpful in just getting the job done right the first time. Unclear or misunderstood directions are too often the root cause of on the job injuries. 

The FSL course and other safety training programs like this are quick and easy ways to increase safety at your workplace. OSHA recognizes the need for safety training in the workplace, and has therefore developed this program, as well as made training a component of over one hundred different subparts of the standard. Training is an excellent investment in your workforce.

ABC-RI has put a lot of effort into creating meaningful training opportunities for its membership. It won the ABC 2017 Best Practice Merit Award in recognition of its Member to Member Education Programs. United Alliance Services is a proud member of the ABC-RI and works to bring more safety education to the chapter. If you would like to schedule a private class for your workplace, please call us at (877) 399-1698.