Wareham, MA – Verilife Marijuana Dispensary Parking Moves to Route 28

On December 21, 2018, Wareham, MA opened its first recreational marijuana dispensary on Main Street. To visit Verilife, customers had been required to shuttle from the Water Wizz parking lot on Cranberry Highway.

New Parking Requirement

Verilife announced Tuesday, January 8, 2019, that the off-site parking requirement has now changed. Recreational marijuana customers must now park at Tremont Nail Factory off Route 28.

Verilife’s announcement was made on their website, asking customers to cooperate with the new parking change. There will still be complimentary shuttle services to the dispensary after getting a ticket. If customers do not have a parking ticket when arriving to the dispensary, Verilife staff have the right to turn the customer away.

Verilife Safety Concerns

Since Verilife is located next door to Tobey Hospital, there are many safety concerns when it comes to the amount of traffic at that location. Not only does the off-site parking requirement control the amount of cars and traffic in the area, it controls the capacity of people inside of the dispensary at all times.

Tremont Nail Factory

The Tremont Nail Factory, located at 8 Elm Street in Wareham, has been closed for years. The town of Wareham is awaiting an approval for a proposed zoning overlay which would allow a marijuana manufacturer, Organa Brands, to move in and begin their operations. The town estimates that the marijuana-processing facility would create 40-70 jobs, in-turn generate funding to restore the historic building and surrounding structures.

Why Town Officials Made the Change

Town officials believe the parking change will not only bring customers closer to their cars. With spring approaching in the next few months, customers will be able to shop and eat locally on Main Street, which waiting for the shuttle.

Verilife will continue to provide on-site parking for handicap individuals. But, they are staying persistent with not allowing “walk-ups.”

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